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About Us

Kala Truck is inspired by our family’s desire to share the splendor of our food and our culture. As a family owned and operated business, Kala Truck aims to introduce people to traditional Mexican food and demonstrate the variety that lies in Mexico’s gastronomy through artful dishes in which classic ingredients are showcased. Further, Kala epitomizes unique flavors that characterize various regions, providing a collage for the palate.


Kala’s food embodies the beautiful dynamic between recipes that have been passed through generations and contemporary presentations along with the utilization of top-quality ingredients. We invite you to relish Mexican cuisine like you have not done so before!  


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Taste the difference

You've had a lot of good food, and you've eaten at a lot of food trucks. However, this food is not merely good: it is exceptionally fresh, flavorful and unique. Give Kala Truck a try and you will see what Mexican food should really taste like.

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